Created especially for the heat of summer, Biteback Sweet Sun Relief Cream has all the benefits of our best-selling Sweet Relief cream, with added sun protection.

  • Plant based cream forms a barrier to biting midges and other environmental irritants
  • SPF 30+
  • Not oily – safe to use in the full sun without risk of melting or burning
  • Protects against drying effects of the sun
  • Suitable for pink skin and sensitive skin
  • Can be used on horses, dogs, and most other animals
  • Free of silicones, AHAs, Vitamin A and unstable polyunsaturated oils which can all be absorbed into the bloodstream with potential side effects
  • Non-greasy and easy to apply

Ingredients include: benzyl benzoate to protect and moisturise; glycerol and liquid paraffin to soften skin; iodine as a trusted preservative, bog myrtle oil for added protection, with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to form a natural, mineral physical barrier to the sun’s rays.

Directions for use: Apply daily to any areas targeted by midges. The recommended method is to use your fingers to scoop some cream, then gently massage into the skin. For maximum sun protection, a visible layer will need to be retained, and the product will need to be re-applied 2-3 times daily.

A 500ml pot should last for 3 weeks in high season. Skin should start to appear revitalised and retextured within a week.

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